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The smart holiday let solution for today's Devon and Cornwall holiday home owner

Disappointed in the value you get from letting? Feeling it’s too much hassle or there’s too little financial return? Frustrated by curbs on your own stays?  

If your holiday let is in South Devon or East Cornwall, you can rest easy because you've now found the solution, its smart and owners are loving it.

We deliver our owners freedom, peace of mind and a greater share of booking revenues.  There's a lot to love!  It's how holiday let ownership should be.  

Contact us now.  We love to help owners simply make more of their holiday let.

I cannot recommend 'Holiday Host' more highly. The communication, attention to detail and flexibility are outstanding. I wish I had known about all the benefits of having a holiday host sooner. It has made a great difference to the successful marketing of our property. 
Christine, who switched to HolidayHost in 2020.

Fishermans, Dartmouth

Memories of shopfront marketing agents in seaside towns handing out glossy brochures to bucket & spade carrying families are just that these days – memories. Nowadays guests browse familiar apps on their smart phones for next day delivery clothing, groceries and for booking their holidays.

That’s good news if you're a holiday home owner, whether you want three or 30 lets per year, because those smart apps put the power in your hands, to reach a bigger and better audience at low single digit fees.

100% of holiday home owners switching to HolidayHost from a traditional letting solution reported better net income and better value for money 

(survey June 2021)

But being a DIY holiday let landlord ‘Host’, doesn’t suit everyone. If you’re reading this, then taking guest bookings day and night probably isn’t something which gets you jumping out of bed in the morning. Chances are, neither does keeping up with safety compliance or tending to booking and financial admin. Which is why we're here at HolidayHost.  

We love to give you the freedom to be able to holiday let on your terms. And as it happens we’re pretty good at all the booking, safety compliance and admin that’s expected of a super Host.

100% of holiday home owners who switched, reported they would not look back from the letting solution HolidayHost provides
(survey June 2021)

Holiday let administration going the extra mile

We help you set up your holiday let efficiently and effectively, from safety compliance, through inventory to sourcing your changeover provider and listing content, to help you make the most of your holiday let bookings.  

We provide direct access to real time financial and booking information, along with the schedule for you to book your own visits. You and your home get a dedicated personal service from a local Host, who is your single point of call to know your property like you do. We assist with pricing and manage bookings, putting your financial return – after costs, first. 

100% of properties switching to HolidayHost have let to 40% of their annual capacity within 14 to 30 days of going live in the first half of 2021, still more profitably than by previous letting solutions.
(survey June 2021)

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