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Copywriting for your holiday let online listing

While we all know that photos are important for selling a holiday home in a competitive market, don’t underestimate the importance of the written word as well.  

For the consumer, what you write about your holiday home should be a combination of information and inspiration. However, it also helps get your holiday home found by search engines, using SEO friendly content including keywords and headlines. In short, good copywriting helps to improve sales and marketing.

Bluehaze in Salcombe

What we do at HolidayHost

Part of the service that we offer at HolidayHost includes a whole suite of marketing and sales support to prepare your listing and make the most of placing your holiday home on the letting market.

Our marketing support includes services such as:

  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Price pointing 
  • Local advertising
  • Monitoring guest feedback
These services take you from set up all the way through the lifecycle of your holiday let, for however many weeks of the year and for however long you choose to rent it out.

As part of our service, we have our own in-house copywriter who works with us to create effective, compelling and relevant copy to help sell your holiday home for no extra cost, when you join HolidayHost. That’s in addition to the photographer who we will commission to take photos of your home, supported by a staging expert who will make sure your property is presented in the best way possible for the shots. You will have final approval of the copywriting before it is loaded and before the listing goes live.

Why copywriting is important for sales

The written content on your holiday let listing can highlight key selling points and attributes that may not be immediately obvious from photos. It can also be used to identify practical elements that will make their holiday more enjoyable to stay at. If the photos are the first thing that someone sees, the copywriting is integral for converting a potential guest into one that’s booked and ready to go.

Writing is crucial for giving guests the information they need to make that booking. It needs to be a combination of nicely worded prose, but also practical information. With that in mind, it might be worth getting a professional copywriter to help you put the wording together for your listing. 

Good copywriting doesn’t just increase the chances of getting those initial bookings either. Where information accurately portrays your property, it’s also likely to result in fewer complaints, happy guests and even repeat bookings.

Things to consider are:

  • Copywriting should mention practical amenities such as high chairs, washing machines and other information that guests may find helpful. We will also advise on preferred amenities on the letting platform that can help improve appeal.
  • The description of your property should be used to take potential guests on a journey through your home so that they can really see themselves staying there.
  • For all the practical information, copy should make it sound nice. It shouldn’t exaggerate, but should use words that bring the place to life.
  • Writing should include information about the local area and any tips such as favourite restaurants or activities.
  • It’s important to keep information up to date. If you make any changes to the decor or a local restaurant you have mentioned closes down, you should review copy or advise your host, to make sure it’s accurate.

What are the benefits of using a professional copywriter?

The benefits of using a professional copywriter are many. Some of these benefits include:

  • They’re professional: this is what they do, so they know what they’re looking for and what information to highlight. They are experts and will bring clarity and precision to the messaging.
  • It makes better use of your time: while you might be an extremely proficient writer, putting this information together might not be the best use of your time. You came to HolidayHost because you know that you don’t want to spend all your time handling the finer points of your holiday let - so, start as you mean to go on.
  • A fresh perspective: you know your holiday home, but the copywriter comes to it with fresh eyes. It would be wonderful if you could tell them the details that only you could know. However, they will have their own take on the house or apartment, and they will be thinking about it from the perspective of someone who might want to stay there.
  • Setting your holiday home apart: A professional copywriter gives your listing an edge. Lots of people on self-letting platforms like VRBO or Airbnb write their own listings - and it shows. There’s not much point in having exceptional photos if the written word gives an impression of being amateur. Make potential guests feel reassured that they are going to a property where things are properly and they can expect a high standard of service and experience. That’s what will set you apart from other properties on the market.
  • It’s included: With HolidayHost, the use of a professional copywriter is included at no extra cost - so the real question is, why wouldn’t you use them?