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How to future-proof your holiday let for life beyond Covid-19

Perhaps you have been letting your holiday home for years. Perhaps you have let it for the first time as a result of Covid-19. Or perhaps you’re about to buy your first holiday home and want to let it out. In an evolving market, what are the holiday letting covid rules that can set your property up to make it as easy as possible to manage, and to keep it as market-relevant as possible, moving forward? 

Curlew, Bigbury-on-Sea

Think about versatility of space 

A great way to make the most of your property from the moment you set it up is to think about making it work for different types of guests. For example, including zipper linked beds that can be made into either a double or two single beds, or adding in a trundle bed that might turn a twin room into space for three, really opens up the possibilities for families or friends. If you do this however, don’t forget to include bed linen, seating, plates and other essentials for the maximum number of people who can stay in the property. 

A digital world 

We all live in a digital world, and as a holiday home owner this can be used to your advantage. Think about how you and your guests may use the property, and what will make everyone’s lives easier at different times of the year. For example, you might use digital instead of print welcome books so that they can easily be updated with new information at little or no cost (it’s also much more eco friendly). You might also invest in a Netflix account for those days when the weather isn’t quite so appealing or when everyone is wiped out after a day of sun sea and salt water! Digital key boxes can be a game changer, preventing lost keys and adding to security, while heating via the Nest app will allow you to have greater control over your property even when you’re at home. 

Maintenance conscious decor  

Decorating a holiday home is one of the fun aspects of preparing it for market, and we all know by now that holidaymakers expect a certain standard of style. However, as with any home, it’s a good idea to consider paint colours and types, as well as flooring and fabrics with maintenance in mind. You might opt to keep the walls in a single colour that can be easily touched up following any scuffs. You might choose sofa fabrics that will wear well and that can be easily cleaned. Carpets should feel luxurious but be easily cleaned (some high end ones can get easily pulled by the vacuum cleaner). You may also choose to buy items like glasses and crockery from somewhere that will continue to have them in stock for some time, like John Lewis, in case of any breakages (which will happen from time to time). 

A garden that’s fit for purpose 

Some people make the mistake with their gardens of leaving them pretty sparse and uninteresting because that way they’re easy to maintain. Maintenance is an important part of a garden, but it also has to be appealing and this is a tricky line to navigate. A garden should look tidy, so you may opt for large areas of lawn and patio surrounded by mature hedges instead of lots of bedding plants that need replacing. However, also think about things like the garden furniture. While wooden loungers look great when they’re new, they require a lot of maintenance to keep them that way, while plastic furniture will likely blow away in a coastal wind. Consider something that can be left outside in the winter without getting damaged, but that meets the expectations of the modern traveller. It might be worth investing a little more upfront to save you having to replace it all in a year or two. 

Keep your home clutter free 

While we have high hopes for moving past the pandemic in the not-too-distant future, some of the concerns it has raised may well continue to affect how people feel about infection control. One of the best ways to help keep a home clean is to limit the clutter that needs to be wiped down. You might minimise the number or ornaments on the sides and opt for more artwork on the walls, or reduce the number of board games and books you leave in the property. Doing this will also reduce your cleaning bill. After all, it takes a long time to wipe down every book, game and ceramic ornament! 

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