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Has Covid-19 forced letting holiday homes to raise their game? 5 May 2021 As holidaymakers return to sunny South Devon and East Cornwall, they are finding holiday letting properties that have raised their game to the highest levels. - read on
Do I have to pay tax on holiday home income when letting my property? 21 April 2021 One of the questions we often get asked by holiday home owners is what taxes you have to pay and when. It’s often easy to overlook, especially if you’re new to letting. - read on
Are there any 'hidden costs' of holiday letting? 7 April 2021 Here are a few of the less obvious costs of letting your holiday home, that you should be aware of to make the most of the experience. - read on
Fully booked? How to keep customer interest in your property for future reference 25 March 2021 Bookings for holiday lets are booming across the UK and especially in South Devon and Cornwall, but if you’re fully booked how can you keep guest interest for a later date? - read on
The most common mistakes made by holiday home owners new to the letting market 18 March 2021 Online travel agents like Airbnb created a gateway for letting holiday homes easily, but there's a lot more that goes into a successful let than creating a listing. - read on
What you need to know when buying a holiday home to let 10 March 2021 For those thinking of investing in a holiday home this year with a view to letting, what are the things to keep in mind to make sure your property appeals to other holidaymakers? - read on
How do you make sure the price is right? 3 March 2021 Getting the pricing right and controlling the factors that influence your margins are central to helping you make a commercial success of your holiday let. - read on
How to future-proof your holiday let for life beyond Covid-19 24 February 2021 In an evolving market, what can you do to set up your holiday let to make it as easy as possible to manage, and to keep it as market-relevant as possible? - read on
Get your holiday let ready for the staycation boom expected from Easter 17 February 2021 In 2020 the staycation market heaved with those eager to escape when lockdowns were lifted, and this year the boom is expected to return in full force.  - read on
How we helped a holiday home owner generate £70K in revenue in under two months 10 February 2021 To see a real return on investment from letting your holiday home it’s important to get the value proposition right - that’s where we come in. - read on
What the G7 Summit means for holiday home owners in Cornwall 8 February 2021 As we look towards summer 2021, holiday homes are already finding themselves booked up for the season, especially with the G7 Summit coming to Cornwall. - read on
Three steps to getting more Airbnb bookings 7 February 2021 Where do you start when it comes to getting those Airbnb bookings through the proverbial door and maximising your property’s potential? - read on
Six things to consider if you want to let your holiday home 6 February 2021 Want to let your holiday home but have questions? Getting the right answers will help to protect your property and make the most of it at the same time. - read on
Leading the way in software to enhance our core customer service values 5 February 2021 Customer service is the foundation of HolidayHost, from helping property owners to retain more control and more of the profits from their holiday lets to the technology we use to keep homeowners in the loop. - read on
Turning your holiday home into a profitable side gig 5 February 2021 If it was that easy to make money out of holiday homes, then there wouldn’t be a £2.1billion property rental industry in the UK dedicated to making it happen with the right marketing, technology and presenting the right product. - read on
Why a delayed property purchase doesn't have to mean missing the holiday letting season 5 February 2021 In seasonal holiday destinations you may be concerned that delays could mean missing the season and missing top earning potential from your property for another year, but it doesn't with the right support. - read on
Three ways to maximise your holiday lets in Dartmouth and South Devon 5 February 2021 Hosting properties across South Devon including Dartmouth, here are three ways to maximise your holiday lets. - read on
How to reduce fire risk concerns in a holiday let 5 February 2021 Safety compliance requirements apply to all letting properties, which can be a daunting prospect for home owners - this is where an experienced host can help. - read on